AEW Wrestler Suffers Five Fractures In One Match

AEW Wrestler Suffers Five Fractures In One Match

March 1, 2023 0 By Tim Jarrell

Popular AEW wrestler is out with a bad injury.

Recently it was revealed that AEW wrestler Fuego del Sol suffered a foot injury initially it looked as if he suffered a small fracture in his foot and it was not that bad of an injury. Yet now after further analysis, it looks like this injury is worse than expected.

Fuego del Sol took to Instagram today to reveal that after getting a CT scan, it has been determined that he actually fractured his foot in five different places. Despite that, he was still able to finish the match he was in when he suffered the injury.

With the original x-rays, last week after they confirmed the dislocation of my right foot, they believed I only had one minor fracture.

After the CT scan upon further examination, today they determined I actually fractured my foot in 5 DIFFERENT PLACES, the doctor told me that the fact I finished the match was unbelievable. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug!

Now let’s talk about the big thing, ligament damage. The orthopedic said the main ligament around my Lisfranc bone is a little displaced but not completely separated. So now I have to go see a foot specialist to determine if it needs surgery or if it can heal on its own. If it can heal on its own the recovery is 6-8 weeks because all my bones are in the right spots and the fractures just need time to heal, BUT if I need surgery it could be 3 months. So expect another update within the next week, I’m hoping for the best.

Not the news we wanted. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little frustrated. Focusing on my recovery and advancing my non-physical ventures like, twitch, YouTube, tiktok, IG and content of the likes to keep me busy and my mind off this. Any love and support sent my way is appreciated immensely!

As noted here, Feugo did state that if he does not need surgery he may only be out of action for six to eight week. If surgery is needed he may be out for upwards of three months.

If we do hear anything else regarding this injury to Fuedo del Sol, we will have it here and on the PWUnlimited YouTube Channel.