WWE Has A New Paige, Real Paige Comments

WWE Has A New Paige, Real Paige Comments

November 8, 2021 0 By Tim Jarrell

Technically WWE has two Paige’s under contract right now.

In 2011 Saraya Bevis who was going by the name Britani Knight was signed by the WWE. By January of 2012, she was on TV for Florida Championship Wrestling with the name Paige. Even with not being in the ring since 2017, she has remained the top Paige in pro wrestling and only Paige in WWE, well that is until now.

WWE has signed Chloe Christmas as a referee for NXT and 205 Live. With signing her she has also been given a new name in WWE and will simply be going by the name Paige. Christmas has changed her social media handle to RefPaigeWWE, which is similar to Saraya who on social media goes by RealPaigeWWE.

Saraya actually reacted to this on Twitter with the classic meme of two Spider-Mans pointing at one another.

Christmas responded to Saraya’s meme saying it is the greatest name she has ever had.

No reason has come out as to why Chloe Christmas was given the name Paige in NXT while they still have another Paige contracted to the company. Grated Saraya has not wrestled since 2017 and has not been on television for quite some time, yet WWE usually does not like to have people with the same it not even similar names in the company.

Let us know what you think of new NXT/205 Live referee Chloe Christmas going by the name Paige in WWE.