REELZ Announces New Deal With Peacock, Will Not Include MLW

REELZ Announces New Deal With Peacock, Will Not Include MLW

February 28, 2023 0 By Tim Jarrell

Almost all of REELZ is coming to Peacock.

REELZ is a network that has really garnered some big buzz over the last few months. The main thing for that has to be them airing OnPatrol Live. Basically, the predecessor to Live PD that used to air on A&E. It’s one of the most talked about shows on Friday and Saturday nights but even with that many people say they don’t get REELZ. Now you can watch REELZ on Peacock.

Revealed through The Hollywood Reporter, it was announced that the linear and on-demand content for REELS will be coming to Peacock. You can actually start watching REELZ on Peack starting tomorrow March 1st with the linear cable network and more. yet when it comes to 10 pm on Tuesday nights, the linear channel will not broadcast for an hour. That is the timeslot they run MLW Underground. The piece from THR noted the following regarding MLW,

There is one quirk under the Reelz deal: While it will include the channel’s live linear feed, it will not stream Tuesdays in the 10 p.m. hour, as Reelz airs Major League Wrestling in that hour. Peacock has a streaming deal with the WWE, which has exclusivity in the category on Peacock.

No MLW content will be shown on the Peacock streaming platform due to WWE being the exclusive wrestling promotion of the service. This means no other wrestling promotion, unless it has a deal with WWE, can have content on Peacock. Hence why when MLW airs on Tuesday nights the linear REELZ channel on Peacock will essentially go dark. It was not stated if the channel will just be black for an hour or if something else will air in its place.