Major Update on Ali Requesting His WWE Release

Major Update on Ali Requesting His WWE Release

January 20, 2022 0 By Tim Jarrell

Will Ali get out of WWE or not?

Over the weekend Mustafa Ali took to social media and stated that he was requesting his release from the WWE. He stated that he has things he wants to do and say but can not while in WWE. Many felt after so many “budget cut” releases over the last few years he would get his release, but now that does not look the case.

According to a new report from Fightful, they report that Ali will not be getting his release from the company. A source stated that the two sides have talked and Ali was informed he would not be getting his release at this moment. It was noted that he still has years left on his deal.

The report goes on to state that the word “value” was brought up a lot in talks between Ali and WWE. No real reason though is known as to why Ali’s request was denied by WWE. If we do hear anything else regarding his future in WWE, we will have it here and on the PWUnlimited YouTube Channel.