𝙍𝙀𝙋𝙊𝙍𝙏: Planned NXT Segment Changed Following The Passing Of Jay Briscoe

January 18, 2023 0 By Tim Jarrell

Tonight WWE changed a funeral segment on NXT.

Tonight Ring of Honor owner Tony Khan had the unfortunate duty of announcing the passing of Jay Briscoe online. Briscoe was 38 years old and would have turned 39 next week. Word is that Briscoe passed away after being involved in a car accident Tuesday evening. Now it is being reported that after the news came out WWE made a change to tonight’s NXT.

According to a new report from John Pollock of POST Wrestling, he stated that The New Day were set to have a funeral segment on NXT tonight. After the word of Jay Briscoe’s passing got out the decision was made to change the segment. The segment ended up just being a normal promo with a small brawl to set up their next title defense against Pretty Deadly and Gallus. It is also being reported that the call to make the change was made by Shawn Michaels and The New Day.

WWE even went as far as to have NXT lead announcer Vic Joseph inform the fans watching NXT of Briscoe’s passing.

Even though Jay Briscoe was never part of WWE, many in the company including WWE CCO Triple H and NXT head booker Shawn Michaels sent out their condolences for Briscoe’s family and friends online.

We here at PWUnlimited continue to send our thoughts to his family, friends, and fans of Jay Briscoes after tonight’s horrible news.