New Details On Upcoming Controversial CM Punk/ESPN Interview

June 15, 2023 0 By Tim Jarrell

More has come from the unreleased Punk/ESPN interview.

Earlier today it was reported that CM Punk did an interview last week with ESPN that would release before the debut of Collision. The report noted that Punk has said things during the interview that may have rubbed some in the company the wrong way. It was noted that Punk made responses that could confuse some as it may not be clear if he was in character working a storyline or actually shooting. Now more details have come from this unreleased interview.

In an update to Fightful’s previous report, they noted how Punk specifically mentioned Adam “Hangman” Page in the interview. Not only was Hangman mentioned, but Punk made it very clear that he did not like Page stemming back to their match last year at Double or nothing.

We’ve been told that Hangman Page was brought up in a manner that absolutely was not confusing in a work-shoot perspective, and were clearly intentional, and made very clear that he didn’t like Hangman Page. Punk had said that there were spots in the Double or Nothing match that he felt like were Page “shooting” on him by chopping him in the face during the match.

The interview has still not been released by ESPN so it is not known what will be left it and what will be edited out but the word going around is we could see the interview drop sometime Friday.

If we do hear anything further on this CM Punk interview that now has some up in arms, we will have it here and on the PWUnlimited YouTube Channel.