More Possible CM Punk Controversy In AEW

June 15, 2023 1 By Tim Jarrell

I think Punk knows what he is doing.

CM Punk is coming back to television this weekend with the debut of AEW Collision yet Punk may have said some things recently that did not go over well with others. In a new ESPN interview, it is reported that Punk said some things that were said in a way where people did not know if it was in storyline or if he was shooting.

According to a new report from Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, CM Punk did an interview with ESPN last week ahead of the Collision debut, and word on some of what Punk said got back to some on the roster. It was noted that among the topics of the interview was The Elite, and word going around at last night’s Dynamite tapings was second-hand of what Punk said, which could be seen as “his vision of what is true.”

The report notes that AEW set up and monitored the interview but CM Punk spoke in a way that would blur the lines and create buzz for upcoming shows. Again it was said that he spoke in a way where the audience would not know if he was looking for a possible storyline out of this or actually shooting. It is unknown until the ESPN piece eventually comes out, but it was noted that Punk was made aware that how he spoke could come off polarizing based on his responses.

If we do hear anything else on this new CM Punk/ESPN interview and things he said possibly rubbing some the wrong way. we will have it here and on the PWUnlimited YouTube Channel.