Mandy Rose Expected To Become A Millionaire Before Christmas

December 20, 2022 0 By Tim Jarrell

The former Mandy Rose can become a millionaire without WWE.

Last week news came out that Amanda Sacamano, the former Mandy Rose, had been fired by WWE over the nature of content she was posting on her FanTime account. This led to a lot of questions from fans and talent with WWE reports noting that WWE felt that had to do this as it would not sit well with sponsors and partners. With that, it looks like Rose is going to be just fine without WWE.

According to a new report from TMZ Sports, they report that rose has done wonders with her FanTime account since her firing. They note that Rose’s agent Malki Kawa tells them she has made a whopping $500,000 from her FanTime account since being fired. That is not just $500,000 in total over the entire lifetime of the account but from new signups since last Wednesday. At her $30 price point that would mean that Rose has acquired over 16,600 new subscribers in less than a week. Kawa also goes on to tell TMZ that Rose will become the newest self-made billionaire before Christmas this weekend.

It looks like Mandy Rose will be just fine financially not being in WWE and some have stated that her being fired over the account was actually the best advertising for her subscription-based content she could have ever gotten. That right there is shown tenfold for sure.