Big Segment Announced For Friday’s Smackdown

Big Segment Announced For Friday’s Smackdown

February 27, 2023 0 By Tim Jarrell

The winner of the Rumble is coming to Smackdown.

This Friday Smackdown comes to us from Washington, DC and we know Roman Reigns will be on the show. We learned tonight thought that Reigns will not be the only WrestleMania main event to appear on the show as well.

Tonight on RAW we saw Cody Rhodes defeat Chad Gable and then after the match Cody took to the mic. He noted how we are only 33 days away from WrestleMania and he has yet to go toe-to-toe with Roman Reigns. Cody would then mention how Roman Reigns will be on Smackdown this Friday and because of that so will he.

Later on in the night, Paul Heyman appeared on the show and he noted how Cody is coming on Friday to confront Reigns. Cathy Kelley then noted how Cody said he was only going to be at Smackdown but never said he was going to confront Roman Reigns. This then led to Heyman stating that Cody better confront Roman or Roman will confront him.

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