Big Cass Threatens To End Joey Janela’s Life

Big Cass Threatens To End Joey Janela’s Life

December 9, 2019 0 By Tim Jarrell

We all know Big Cass has had his ups and his down over the last year or two. Today may have been a down.

This afternoon, Big Cass took to social media with a very questionable tweet directed at Joey Janela that Cass later took down. The tweet read,

Hey @janelababy. Say one more word about me and your life will end. Real talk. #HowYouDoin.

As stated after sending out the tweet, Cass then later took it down and we are unsure if this is related to an incident back in September, or not.

Back in September, there was an incident backstage at a WrestlePro show where Cass threatened to kill Joey Janela. Pat Buck was able to defuse the situation before Cass was removed from the locker room by authorities. After that Cass attempted to step away from the spotlight and social media saying that he needed help for some mental health issues he was going through and today’s tweet was the first since then.

After deleting the initial tweet, Cass then went back on social media trying to shut down the talk saying it was all a work.

Joey Janela himself would then respond to Cass’ second tweet with the following.