Altercation Takes Place Backstage After Smackdown With Two Top Stars

Altercation Takes Place Backstage After Smackdown With Two Top Stars

October 23, 2021 0 By Tim Jarrell

Two top stars went off-script tonight.

Tonight’s main event segment on Smackdown did not go according to plan. It is said that even before the show went on the air one person involved did not even want to do the segment to start and it showed on camera.

According to Mike Johnson of PWinsider, he reports that before Smackdown went on the air Charlotte Flair was vocal that she did not want to do the segment. She stated that doing something as scripted would make her look weak as well as the segment making her title reigns look weak as well.

It was said that during the segment Flair was the first to go off-script. When Flair threw down the title instead of hanging it to Deville, that was not in the script to happen as such. Deville was able in the moment was able to instruct Flair to pick up the belt and hand it to her and she did.

Lynch then went off-script next. Instead of handing over her title to Deville, she threw it at Flair. Just like with Flair dropping down the belt that was not in the script as well. Eventually, the segment ended with Sasha Banks coming out, Lynch leaving the ring, and Banks and Flair going at it to end the show.

After the show went off the air it was said that there was an altercation backstage with Lynch and Flair. Lynch felt Flair disrespected her by “trying to make her look bad”. It was also noted that during the segment there were loud words between the two.

It is unclear if anything will happen to either Flair or Lynch for going off script tonight. If we do hear anything else regarding this incident we will have it here and on the PWUnlimited YouTube Channel.