WWE Champion Possibly Injured On Smackdown

March 18, 2024 Off By Tim Jarrell

A current champ was pulled as a precaution.

It is never a good time for a pro wrestler to potentially suffer some sort of an injury. Right now in particular is even worse as we are about three weeks out from WrestleMania and everyone is going to want to be on that card. Yet it looks like last Friday on Smackdown, one current champion in WWE may have suffered a knee injury.

According to Mike Johnson of PWInsider, he reports that one-half of the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Asuka hurt her knee this past Friday on Smackdown. Asuka was pulled from the road this weekend so that they could have medical tests done to check the severity of the possible injury. They want to see if it is something she can work through or if it is a larger injury.

As far as the Weomen’s Tag Titles being defended at WrestleMania, nothing has been even teased in that direction so it is unclear if Asuka would have even had an actual match on the show or would have maybe just been in IYO SKY’s corner.

If we do hear anything further on Asuka hurting her knee last Friday, we will have it here and on the PWUnlimited YouTube Channel.