WATCH: Jon Moxley Cuts Promo After ALL OUT, Says “Lets Them Hear Us In Stanford”

September 6, 2020 0 By Tim Jarrell

Moxley gives passionate speech after ALL OUT.

Last night was AEW ALL OUT and in the main event, Jon Moxley defeated MJF to retain the AEW World Championship. Now Moxley will set his sights on defending the title against his next challenger in Lance Archer. Yet before the night was over MOXLEY had a few things to say.

After ALL OUT went off the air Moxley spoke to the live crowd in attendance in Daily Place. Speaking to the live crowd after a show has been a big thing that people in AEW liked doing and Moxley said the following to the ALL OUT live crowd.

“It’s so good to hear your voices tonight. I wouldn’t have it any other way, going to war in front of you AEW fans, the best fans in pro wrestling. What did we learn from Mr. MJF here tonight, does anybody know? It’s real simple, cheaters never win. Running your mouth don’t mean shit if you’re not willing to back it up when things get tough. That goes for wrestling and that goes for life. so remember all those lessons dad thought you that you never listen to. Measure twice cut once. Always break down your cardboard. Those are the things, that means becoming a world champion.

Everybody have a good time in Jacksonville tonight? There’s only 15% capacity here, but let them hear you all around the world. Let them hear you in Orlando. Hell, let them hear you in Stanford. It’s the same thing for AEW that is is for all you guys in 2020, it’s just a minor hiccup, a minor set back, keep on truckin’ forward. Keep your head up, do the right thing, don’t take shortcuts and we are all gonna get through this god damn year soon enough.”

Yu can watch the full video of this above

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