Triple H Reportedly Wants NXT Talent To Get More Ring Time

Triple H Reportedly Wants NXT Talent To Get More Ring Time

November 20, 2020 0 By Tim Jarrell

Talent needs more time to practice.

When everything was running normally the WWE main roster was running house show and so was the NXT roster but the reasons for the house shows for NXt were different. The main roster did it just to have more shows for people to work and sell merchandise at. With NXT, Triple H’s main goal with house shows was to get talent that is not on TV ring time in front of actual crowds. It now looks like Triple H is looking at what he can do to get more talent in NXT time in the ring.

According to Dave Meltzer in this week’s Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer reported that Triple H has been looking at the budget trying to implement some type of show that would get more NXT talent ring time and exposure. No further details were given on what this could be.

From the way this was written, it looks like WWE could be throwing around the idea of running another show, maybe on the WWE Network with developmental talent that is not featured on the main NXT show on the USA Network. As stated though Triple H has to find out if something like this would even fit into the budget.