SPOILER ALERT: Leaked Information & Results For Next Week’s AEW Dynamite

November 20, 2020 0 By Tim Jarrell

Next week’s Dynamite was taped this week.

Next week here in America is Thanksgiving and next week’s AEW Dynamite will not be live it was taped this week. Four things were announced during this week’s Dynamite and now we know of more and results.

SpaceForce1 on Reddit revealed multiple spoilers and results as far and things that were filmed for next week’s AEW Dynamite.

Here are the Thanksgiving Dynamite results:

Adam Page vs. John Silver:

Good match, Silver has it all. He got in some good offense and countered a Buckshot Lariat by catching Page with a hurricanrana as he landed after flipping over the ropes. Page eventually won with the lariat. Dark Order in the ring after the match with a proposition for Page…

Will Hobbs wins a squash match to “you sold out” chants. Taz cuts a promo after the match, causing Cody to come out. They argue about the FTW title.

Top Flight vs. TH2:

Great, fast paced match thats basically what you’d expect from these guys. Bit of a spotfest, with TH2 winning. TH2 with extra stuff after the match prompts the Bucks to run in and return the favor from last week.

SCU vs. Hager and Jericho:

Jericho and Daniels start and Jericho gets the upper hand, but loses it quickly when Kaz gets tagged in. Jericho gets to Hager and the big guy takes over. Jericho heels from the outside a bit, but doesn’t really ever have control when he’s in the match (something MJF might notice?). Jericho and Hager win, and Inner Circle jumps in the ring after the match. Scorpio Sky out for the save, and Inner Circle bails.

Contract Signing:

Omega out with the Cleaner business, North Carolina and all from Justin Roberts. Moxley jumps him out of nowhere and hits a Paradigm Shift, then cuts a promo while Kenny is out in the ring. Moxley seems to think Omega is who attacked him, saying that it doesn’t weaken him, just pisses him off. He says the best two wrestlers on the planet are going at it and signs the contract, leaving it with Kenny, who’s still out in the ring.

Anna Jay vs. Shida for the Women’s Championship:

You didn’t think there was a chance Anna Jay was winning the title, did you? Shida retains. After the match, Abaddon returns from injury and is pretty mad.

Butcher and Blade vs. Fenix and Pac:

Cool combo suicide dive and moonsault combo to the outside early by Fenix and Pac. Pac and Blade trade shots early. Fenix and Butcher come in and it spills outside. Bunny screams a lot. Back inside, Pac and Fenix work tandem offense on Blade. Blade eventually gets to a tag and Butcher throws Fenix around for a bit before tagging back. Fenix hits a rebound cutter allowing him to get to a tag. Pac with kicks like mad, goes for a shooting star press, but Blade moves. Pac lands on his feet and rolls through, but Butcher gets tagged and plows him with a clothesline. Everyone winds up outside again, with more screaming from Bunny. Distraction from outside allows Butcher and Blade to pick up the win. Kingston and the boys heel a bit and continue the beat down. Surprise run in from Lance Archer clears the ring, and the show ends with Archer standing tall.

More is expected to take place on next week’s show as well. If we do hear it anything pertaining to next week’s show, we will have it here and on the PWUnlimited YouTube Channel.