Rhea Ripley Suffers Serious Injury On NXT

November 19, 2020 0 By Tim Jarrell

Doctors had to reconstruct Ripley’s ear.

This week on NXT we saw Io Shirai defend the NXT Women’s Championship against Rhea Ripley. During the match, we saw Ripley bleeding from her ear and we now know what happened to cause the injury.

WWE revealed that during the match Rhea Ripley suffered multiple contusions and abrasions on both of her ears. They stated that she had five earrings ripped off during the match. They stated that doctors had to remove pieces of skin off her ear. Ripley stated that they had to do this in order to “make her ear look normal again.” No word was given on if this will keep Ripley out of action or not.

They also stated that Io Shirai suffered a sore neck and whiplash during the match. She is not currently cleared to compete but is not expected to be out of action long at all.

The report also stated that Arturo Ruas was injured as well last night in his match with Kushida. Ruas suffered a right bicep injury.

AS we previously reported Ripley was expected to be called up to the main roster after this match. It was told to us as early as tomorrow and now it is not known if this injury could hinder her main roster debut.