Pro Wrestling Tees Trademarks “‘Shoot’, Personal Video Service Like Cameo

September 15, 2020 0 By Tim Jarrell

Pro Wrestling Tees is ready to brand out and help wrestlers earn more money.

Pro Wrestling Tees has been doing a lot to help professional wrestlers make more revenue from selling t-shirts for the most part and now even more. PWT has branched out to artwork, mini-figures, shoes, and more. Now it looks like they are developing a service to allow wrestlers to reach their fans even more.

On September 9th, Pro Wrestling Tees filed for a trademarked on the word “Shoot” and is a personalized video service similar to Cameo.

International Class 042: Providing an interactive website featuring technology that allows users to create personalized video messages for entertainment, instructional, inspirational, or greeting purposes featuring professional wrestlers, sports entertainers, or combat-sport participants by enabling users to use and access an online marketplace to order a personalized video message and have the ordered personalized video message recorded by the chosen professional wrestlers, sports entertainers, or combat-sport participants and delivered to the user or an individual selected by the user.

Pro Wrestling Tees themselves has not made any announcement on this. It is unclear how far along the service could be along and when they could be launching to launch.

if you are unclear what Cameo is, it is a service where a people can long on and request a personalized video from one of the people featured on the service. Most of the time videos are requested for a birthday or get well wishes, yet we have seen some Cameo requests that have gotten very personal.

There are a good number of wrestlers on Cameo at this time and it will be interested as far as how many would join up for the new service and if they do if they would have to end their partnership with Cameo.