Possible Reason Andrade Went Undrafted

October 14, 2020 0 By Tim Jarrell

There may be an actual reason Andrade was not drafted.

In the 2020 WWE Draft, two WWE Superstar was left undrafted not set for either RAW or Smackdown. The first was Mickie James who is actually out of action with a broken nose. The other was Andrade and that was a head-scratcher for all. Now we may know why he was not drafted and possibly written off TV by The Fiend.

According to Raj Giri of Wrestling Inc., Giri reports that Andrade is set to undergo a minor elective procedure. This procedure is expected to keep him out of action for about a month. With Andrade taking at least a month off to have this produce taken care of, that may be why he went undrafted and attacked by The Fiend writing him off television.

Andrade just broke up with his tag team partner Angel Garza and really after their match on Monday that Garza won, we could have just not seen Andrade gone for the month he will be out and then reappear after that good as new. They didn’t have to make him look weak to Wyatt. Yet as they sometimes say, sometimes a little time off and away could be the best for someone and their character.

As far as what brand Andrade will be on going forward, he is expected to remain on the Monday Night RAW brand where his real-life fiance Charlotte Flair was drafted to. Mickie James is also expected to remain on RAW once she returns from her broken nose that she stated should not keep her out that long.

If we hear anything else regarding Andrade, we will have it here and on the PWUnlimited YouTube Channel.