More Names Revealed As Part Of WWE’s Mass Releases

April 18, 2020 0 By Tim Jarrell

More names have been released as far as being released by WWE earlier this week.

This past week WWE released over two dozen wrestlers from the company is what they called a cost-cutting effort to keep overhead low. Initially, most of the names were made public but that was just main roster names. Over the last few days, we have learned of NXT wrestlers who have also been let go.

Friday we told you that Taynara Conti and Nick Comoroto had been released. Now it has been reported by multiple sources that along with them Cezar Bononi, Tino Sabbatelli Mars Wang, Mohamed Fahim, Marcos Gomes, Faisal Kurdi, Hussain Aldagal, and Yifeng (Rocky) was also let go this week.

With the wrestlers/trainees let go from the NXT side of things, we have also learned that announcer Jon Quasto and interviewers Kathy Campanelli have also been let go.

Along with that one of the names going around this week as possibly being let go was Kassius Oho. When all the releases were being made public his WWE superstar page was moved to the alumni section, yet the NXT UK logo was kept on his page. The Wrestling Observer has confirmed that Ohno was released by the company.

Ohno himself has not commented on said released but basically made the release public by changing his name on Twitter to “WWE Alumni.” This was Ohno’s second run with the company as he was previously with the company from 2011 to 2013. He then returned in 2016 working primarily on NXT before being moved to the NXT UK brand last year.