Former WWE Champion Reportedly Cleared To Return

Former WWE Champion Reportedly Cleared To Return

April 18, 2020 0 By Tim Jarrell

One former WWE Champion says he is cleared and waiting to return.

One of the more controversial decisions in WWE over the last decade was to take the WWE Championship off Randy Orton in 2017 and put it on Jinder Mahal. Mahal had been released from WWE in 2014 only to be brought back in 2016 when they initiated the current brand split.

Over the first eight months of Mahal’s second run with the company, we saw him get beat in every match but work hard to transform his body from as some said, borderline dad bod, to a great muscular physique. Then in May at Backlash, Mahal defeated Orton to become the WWE Champion. Mahal would hold the title for about six months before dropping it to AJ Styles. After losing the title he was put in the United States Championship picture. That did not last to long before Mahal went back to being just another guy on the roster.

Mahal has been out off action since last June when he was injured in a live event match with Mustafa Ali. We heard earlier this year that it was only a matter of time before he can return and now we know his status.

According to Chris Featherstone of, Fetherstone reports that he reached out to Mahal and asked about his status with the company. Mahal told him his status is “cleared and waiting.” Sometimes in WWE after being injured you have to do a lot of waiting even after you are cleared until as they say, creative has something for you.

So with that if we do hear anything further on when we could expect to see the former WWE Champion back on TV we will let you know.