Former Universal Champion Says He Will Be In The ThunderDome Tonight

October 16, 2020 0 By Tim Jarrell

A former champion is interested in the Smackdown main event.

Tonight on the Friday Night Smackdown season premiere Roman Reigns will defend the Universal Champion against Braun Strowman. These two are both tied to that title based on what went down with WrestleMania this year. Reigns pulled out of WrestleMania and Strowman replaced him winning the title. There is a third man in Bill Goldberg who is linked to that as well and he says he will be at Smackdown tonight.

Goldberg took to Instagram today and posted that he has “INTEREST” in the Universal Championship match tonight on Smackdown and he is joining the ThunderDome tonight for the Smackdown Season Premiere. As you see below he posted a photo of himself in the ring with both Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman.

Goldberg’s inclusion and what he will be doing tonight on Smackdown is not really known. They are doing a pre-show 30-minutes prior to Smackdown on FOX and Stone Cold Steve Austin will be a guest on that, maybe Goldberg will just be on the pre-show as well.

If we hear anything else regarding Goldberg being at Smackdown tonight, we will have it here and on the PWUnlimited YouTube Channel.