EXCLUSIVE: WWE Changing The Way They Off Contracts In The Future

September 11, 2020 0 By Tim Jarrell

Less live events mean new types of deals.

Even before the pandemic hit we had seen WWE scale back the number of live events they were doing in 2020. With the pandemic and WWE not running any live events over the last five to six months, it looks like WWE’s new plan will be to run little to no live events when things get back to normal. This may also change the way WWE offers contracts to new signees as well.

A source has told us here at PWUnlimited that WWE is slightly changing up the way they are offering contracts with less shows being ran. Instead of just offering a contract for a set amount of years, WWE is going the route of a set amount of years with a set amount of dates per year.

We were told that a deal recently offered to one free agent was a two-year deal with 120 dates in total. That is 60 dates per year. The deal specifies five shows per month. Four for whatever brand they are on weekly and then the pay-per-view for the month as well. WWE would also be able to add a select amount of dates to the deal if they needed to as well.

As far as live events go, we have been told that they will almost all be going way in the future. For the main roster, WWE will still run their shows in Saudi Arabia, their UK tours twice a year, and very select live events in the United States like their Madison Square Garden show after Christmas like they have been for the past several years.

If WWE is going to start offering more of a per date type of deal that would lead one to believe that when current superstar’s contracts do come up then they may be offered these newly structured deals as well. The one issue here is that with having less date in the contract, that could mean less pay for some in the company. Some have expressed that with not running live events right now it is taking away from the extra money working those shows would bring in for them. Plus less live events mean less merchandise possibly sold as well.