Current Status Of RAW Underground Segments

October 16, 2020 0 By Tim Jarrell

Will Shane McMahon return to the underground on RAW again?

Over the last few months, WWE has been airing RAW Underground segments hosted by Shane McMahon. This was supposed to be billed as Shame McMahon’s underground fight club where anyone can come and fight but normally used for talent not regularly seen on the show. We have not seen any RAW Underground segment over the last few weeks and we may now know that status of the segments.

According to Dave Meltzer in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Meltzer reports that RAW Underground is considered done within the company. It was originally reported that RAW Underground was put on hold due to COVID concerns within the NXT roster as most used for the segments were NXT trainees. Now he reports that RAW Underground is basically a done deal at this point.

It is unclear if WWE will ever bring RAW Underground back in the future but as we saw with the draft, some of the more prominent names used have been now officially brought up to the main roster like Riddick Moss and Arturo Ruas.

If we hear anything else regarding RAW Underground, we will have it here and on the PWUnlimited YouTube Channel.